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Let's have some February fun!

Can you play "Who's Your Daddy" with accuracy?


This is just for fun, no money is required to participate. 

  1. Go to the Keach Manor farm Facebook page, Like & Follow the page
  2. Pick who you think is the kids sire. London's kids are both from the same Sire. Photos of potential Sires, Dam & Kids are located on the website
  3. Share the Keach Manor "Who's Your Daddy" Facebook post with your friends.

You MUST do all 3 steps! Only 1 guess per Facebook User, no changing your answer once it has been recorded - so guess carefully! On Feb 29th, 2020 anyone guessing correctly will have his/her name placed in the "Who's Your Daddy" jar and 1 name will be picked.

The lucky person will have the option to choose of ONE of the following:

A. A gift basket of goat milk bath products shipped to you (for those not wanting something to feed lol).

B. Our choice of a Saanen or Recorded Grade Doe or Buck Kid (shipping is not included).

C. Our choice of a Mini Saanen or Mini Alpine Doe or Buck Kid (shipping is not included).

Buck & Doe Kids born in December

Dam: Keach Manor EV London (littermate to Liberty)

Sire: ??

Possible Sires are (listed by age & pictured below): Rudy, Habanero, Jiminy, Loxley